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Assessment & Accountability


Barbara Martin

Curriculum & Professional Development Coordinator

220 Main Street, Eutaw, Alabama 35462

Central to our educational mission is the concept of accountability, a collective dedication to the success of each student. We prioritize the interconnectedness between our elementary, middle, and high schools, recognizing the mutual support that contributes to student achievement. The Department of Accountability collaborates closely with schools at every level, guiding them on understanding and preparing for accountability measures. By utilizing tools like standardized testing and school evaluations, we ensure a pathway to academic growth for all students. Together, let's embark on this journey toward educational excellence in the Greene County School District!


aimswebPlus—K-3 grade students (administered 3 times a year)

iReady Assessments—K -12th grade students

PreACT—10th grade students

ACT with Writing—11th grade students

WorkKeys—12th grade students

ACAP Summative—2nd-8th grade students (administered in the spring)

ACAP Alternate Assessments—administered to students with significant cognitive
deficiencies grades 2-8

ACCESS for ELLs—all K-12 English Language Learning students

Civics Exam—requirement for all 12th grade students (administered at the end of

ALSDE Assessment Dates

Testing and Accountability 

The Testing and Accountability report requirement may be met using the student achievement data that was released by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE). This information is available at the ALDSE website (Alabama Achieves) under Reports and Data, School Performance, Proficiency, 2022-2023 ELA Assessment, 2022-2023 Math Assessment, 2022-2023 Science Assessment.

The Testing and Accountability Report